Art Bonus

Become a Patron of the Towers

Some things you need to know

Private individuals, companies and organisations can support the Two Towers of Bologna restoration campaign by making a donation and benefiting from the biggest tax relief scheme in Europe today: the Art Bonus.

The Art Bonus allows you to recover up to 65% of your donation

What is it?

Art Bonus is a tax credit scheme for cash donations to culture and entertainment. It was introduced to encourage patronage of Italian arts and cultural heritage.

How does it work?

The Art Bonus allows natural and legal persons who donate to recover 65% of the amount in the form of a tax credit issued in three same-sized instalments in the three years after the donation.

Eligibility limits

Citizens or Companies all over the world can contribute to the fund-raising finalized to the safeguard of Two Towers in Bologna.
Only Citizens tax payers in Italy or Companies with registered office in Italy will receive fiscal benefits in the form of tax credit equal to 65% of charitable contributions.

For natural persons and non-commercial entities not carrying on business activities: the 65% tax credit is awarded up to a limit of 15% of taxable income.

For companies: the tax credit is awarded up to 5 per thousand ( 5‰) of annual revenues. For persons with business income, the first instalment is recorded in the tax return of the year following the year of the donation.

Some examples of tax deductions with the Art Bonus

Your donation The Art Bonus ✱ tax credit Actual cost of donation✱
150 € 97,5 € 52,5 €
300 € 195 € 105 €
1.000 € 650 € 350 €
1.500 € 975 € 525 €

How to donate

You can support the Municipality of Bologna Two Towers project by:

  • Online donation:
  • You can donate by using the form at
    Each digital payment platform may retain a fee, fixed or calculated on a percentage basis, to cover the transaction costs of your donation.
    The Municipality of Bologna will therefore only receive the amount chosen by you net of the transaction costs set by the selected payment platform.


  • Bank transfer:
  1. Fill in the donation form from here
  2. Select “Bank Transfer” as the payment method
  3. Click on the DONATE NOW button
    You will receive an email with all the instructions on how to make your donation by Bank Transfer.