Help the restoration campaign with the Art Bonus

Announcing the launch of the campaign by the Municipality of Bologna, promoted also by two top Italian entertainers with close ties to the city, Cesare Cremonini and Gianni Morandi.
From today, Friday 24 November, you can support the restoration of the Two Towers of Bologna through the Art Bonus.

Why donate

The job of restoring and securing a mediaeval tower, almost one thousand years old, is an extraordinary challenge that will require an equally extraordinary commitment by the entire city and everyone around the world who loves Bologna and one of its major symbols.

Every contribution big and small from private and public bodies, companies and individuals will be crucial to the safeguarding of our most cherished asset. Donations received will be spent on the Garisenda tower for safety and restoration work and on the Asinelli for its maintenance and upkeep.

The current condition of the two Towers

The Towers “state of health” is constantly monitored through the use of sensors and various surveying instruments, together with periodic inspections. Over the last few years, it has emerged that the Garisenda Tower is in a highly critical situation due to the deterioration of the materials that make up its base.

Hence the urgent need to carry out work to secure and restore the tower.